James Instrument Repair Policy

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James Instrument Repair Policy

STEP 1: Ship the instrument in a box that meets UPS, Fed Ex, and standard shipping regulations. Enclose a note describing the problem you are having and name and phone number of the person to contact in your organization.

STEP 2: The instrument will be evaluated within one week of receipt. The contact person will be contacted with an estimate with the cost of the repair.

STEP 3: Upon receipt of your authorization of repair and payment terms, delivery time will be 2 weeks from that day.

If you need the repair back sooner than this, you have the option of paying an express service fee of 10 percent of the purchase price of said instrument plus the repair cost. With this service, you can receive the instrument back within 3 working days.

Obsolete equipment will have an express charge of $375.00 plus the cost of the repair.
International repair shipments must contain a commercial invoice listing the instrument being returned and must contain the words:

All repairs are on Pre -paid basis.

Country of manufacture: USA

Instrument being returned to manufacturer for repair – no value for customs, value for carriage only

Ship the complete system to:
James Instruments, Inc.
3727 North Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Attn: Repairs